9th & 10th February 2024

Venue: Parkbad Krumpendorf, Pamperlallee 35, 9201 Krumpendorf am Wörthersee, Austria

Eligibility to participate

Everyone is entitled to take part in the competitions. With their registration, the participants confirm that they are in sufficient health to take part in the registered competitions (water temperature <5 °).

In addition, participants in the “Woerthersee Swim Ice” event must submit a medical certificate (see template) when registering.

In addition, the participants of the 1000 m distance and the ice mile (1609m) must undergo a medical check on site.

In addition, it is mandatory for these participants to present an ECG that has been carried out (not older than two months).

In addition, all participants have to submit the signed declaration of liability when registering (online transmission not possible).

Participants of the 1000 m distance must provide evidence that they have swum a distance of at least 500 m in water below 5 ° in the last 12 months. This proof is mandatory. The distance of 1000 m is an open water competition with a mass start. The participants start in groups of a maximum of 10 people.

Participants of the ICE-MILE (1609m) distance must provide evidence that they have swum a distance of at least 1000 m in water below 5 ° in the last 12 months. This proof is mandatory. The Ice-Mile (1609m) distance is an open water competition with a mass start. The participants start in groups of a maximum of 2 people.

In addition, all participants have to sign the online declaration of liability and submit them when registering (online transmission not possible). Participation in the competitions is at your own risk! The minimum age is 18 years. The legal system and the anti-doping regulations of the associations apply. The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition at any time.

How to get there

  • From the North via Salzburg and the Tauernautobahn (A10/A2
  • From the East via Vienna and Graz on the Südautobahn (A2)
  • From the South via Ljubljana and the Loiblpass (B91)
  • Or the Karawankenautobahn and the Südautobahn (A11/A2) Via Udine (A2)


Confirmation of registration and the medical certificate must be presented for successful participation.

Medical certificate template


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Ice Mile (1609m)

Icon Stoppuhr

1000 m Freestyle

Icon Stoppuhr

500 m Freestyle

Icon Stoppuhr

200 m Freestyle

Icon Stoppuhr

100 m Freestyle

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50m Freestyle

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200m Breaststroke

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100 m Breaststroke

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50 m Breaststroke

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50 m Butterfly

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100 m Individual Medley

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4 x 100m Mixed Freestyle Relay

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4 x 50 m Mixed Medley Relay

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200 m Backstroke

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100 m Backstroke

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Ice-Mile Extreme (2000 m)


Get your ticket here

3,00.- € der Teilnahmegebühr werden an den Tierschutz gespendet!

  • Ice Swimming Ticket

    starting from 50,00 
The registration for Woerthersee-Swim Ice on 18th and 19th February 2022 will start on 1st December 2021

Registrierung der Junior Klasse:

Strandbad Klagenfurt Cafe Lagler
Metnitzstrand 2, 9020 Klagenfurt
Samstag, 05.09.2020 von 08:00 bis 10:00

Registration fees

Competitions 01.03.202301.01.2024
One start50 €60 €
Two starts90 €110 €
Three starts120 €140 €
Four starts140 €160 €
Five starts150 €180 €
500 m Freestyle70€85 €
1000 m Freestyle (1 km)135 €150 €
Ice Mile (1609 m)225 €250 €
Mixed Freestyle Relay and Mixed Medley Relay140 €160 €
Ice-Mile Extreme (2000 m)280 €310 €


It is only allowed to wear normal swimwear (swimming trunks for men, bathing suits / bikini for women). The rules of the International Ice Swimming Association apply.

Time limit

Due to the time sequence, the required time limit is set for the start of the following run. If the limit is exceeded, the athlete will be taken out of the water and the run will be rated as DNF (did not finished). The referee can also decide to cancel while swimming if the extrapolation shows that the goal can no longer be reached in the time available.

Safety briefing

All participants must take part in the safety briefing that takes place on site at the competition. All participants act at their own risk and confirm their ability to compete by buying the ticket. The organizer and host are released from liability for damage that may occur to the participant. The participant declares that he waives all claims for damages against the organizer / host and any vicarious agents - except in cases of willful intent or gross negligence or in the event of a breach of cardinal obligations.

The organizer takes out the right to cancel the event in the case of an official regulation. In this case, all participants who have already bought a ticket will receive a starting place for the new event “ Woerthersee-Swim Ice”

Warm up

Wood-heated whirlpool (Bania) and mobile sauna


  • One start: 50 €
  • Two starts: 90 €
  • Three starts: 120 €
  • Four starts: 140 €
  • Five starts: 150 €
  • 1000 m Freestyle (1 km): 90 €
  • Ice Mile (1852 m): 145 €
  • Mixed Freestyle Relay and Mixed Medley Relay: 80 €
Icon rules

Ice swim rules

The official water temperature must be measured within 30 minutes before the start. The swimmer must not be helped during the competition. Participants with special needs can be helped to get in and out of the water. The swimming must be carried out in one. Interruptions / breaks or contact / contact with other swimmers or other objects / boats is prohibited. Touching ice, lines and rocks can be allowed. The swimmer is allowed to push swimming objects out of the way. Provided the swimmer uses it without taking advantage of it. The following swimwear is allowed for swimmers: a swimsuit / trunks no longer than above the knee, For female swimmers, the suit must not be wider than the shoulders and must not go above the neckline. swimming goggles; and a standard silicone or latex cap Greasing is only permitted for the purpose of protecting friction points. Studs and nose clips are allowed.

  • No additional items are allowed, e.g .: music players, hot bags.
  • No food or drink is allowed while swimming.
  • Swimming aids are not allowed.
  • In the event of a violation, the participant can be excluded / disqualified.
  • The security staff can take the swimmer out of the competition if there are visible problems.
  • Rolling turns is prohibited in the swimming pool. Pushing off is allowed. No resting by the pool, rope or other objects is allowed.
  • Diving is only allowed in individual attempts, not in an organized event. The swimmers are only allowed to dive a maximum of 5 meters from the turn / starting point.
  • Use of safety buoys is obligatory for participants of the 1000m and the ice mile (1609m).
  • The safety buoy must not be used to support the swimmer.
  • Ice swimming can be done by any swimming style, as long as it has been declared by the swimmer beforehand.
  • Performance-enhancing drugs that are on the World Anti-Doping Agency's List of Prohibited Substances are prohibited. A review can take place.
  • Every participant who wants to start must bring a medical certificate (not older than 3 months), participants of the 1000 m and the ice mile (1609m) must take part at a medical examination on site.
  • In addition, an ECG (not older than two months) and proof that the participant has already covered a distance of 500m, 1000m, Ice Mile (1609m) in water temperatures below 5 ° in the past 12 months is also required and mandatory for these participants.
  • The detailed swimming rules of the IISA also apply.
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Age groups

  • Age 18-30 sports
  • Age 31-50 Masters
  • Age 51+ Master +
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Icon Timetable

Friday - February 9th 2024

  • 09.02.20249 – 11 am

    Opening and registration
  • 09.02.202411 am – 12 pm

    Swimming / training under supervision
  • 09.02.202412 – 1 pm


    for the participants of the Ice-Mile (1609m) and the 1000 m distance
  • 09.02.20241 – 2 pm

    Start 1000 m distance
  • 09.02.20242 - 3 pm

    Start Ice-Mile (1609m)

    The start times can be postponed depending on the number of participants
  • 09.02.20243 pm

    Award ceremony 1000 m and Ice-Mile (1609m)
  • 09.02.20245 - 8 pm

    Dinner close to the area (included: warm meal)
Icon Timetable

Saturday - February 10th 2024

  • 10.02.20248 - 9 am

    Opening and registration
  • 10.02.2024 9 - 10 am

    Swimming / training under supervision
  • 10.02.202410 am - 4:00 pm

    Start of the individual distances

    1. 500m Freestyle (SOLO)
    2. 200m Freestyle (SOLO)
    3. 100m Freestyle (SOLO)
    4. 50m Freestyle (SOLO)
    5. 200m Breaststroke (SOLO)
    6. 100m Breaststroke (SOLO)
    7. 50m Breaststroke (SOLO)
    8. 50m Butterfly (SOLO)
    9. 100m Individual Medley (SOLO)
    10. 4 x 100m Mixed Freestyle Relay (RELAY)
    11. 4 x 50m Mixed Medley Relay (RELAY)
    12. 200m backstroke (SOLO)
    13. 100m backstroke (SOLO)
  • 10.02.20244 - 5 pm

    Award ceremony
  • 10.02.20245 pm

    End of the event
Icon Timetable

Ablauf Tag 3 - 05.09.2021

Ort: Strandbad Klagenfurt, Metnitzstrand 2, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

ACHTUNG! Bei Schlechtwetter wird die Durchführung der Open Water Bewerbe auf Sonntag, 05.09,2021 verschoben!

  • 05.09.202109:00 - 12:00

    Open Water Swim Brunch

    Alle Teilnehmer des Events „Woerthersee-Swim“ sind herzlich zur kostenlosen Teilnahme am geselligen „Open Water Swim Brunch“ eingeladen.

    Für Begleitpersonen besteht die Möglichkeit gegen Bezahlung am „Open Water Swim Brunch“ teilzunehmen.
  • 05.09.202112:00

    Ende der Veranstaltung
Icon Team

Team Cup - Woerthersee-Swim 2021

Sie trainieren mit Ihrem Team, schwimmen alleine, aber Ihre Punkte werden im "Team Cup" für Ihr Team erzielt!

Das Gewinnerteam erhält die Trophäe "Woerthersee Open Water Team Pokal" sowie 1000,00.- € Wertgutscheine, der zweite Platz erhält Wertgutscheine in der Höhe von 500,00.- €, der dritte Platz Wertgutscheine in der Höhe von 250,00.- €.

Die Trophäe "Woerthersee Open Water Team Pokal" wird jedes Jahr von Neuem mit dem Ziel den den „Team Spirit“ in der Open Water Swim-Szene zu wecken- vergeben. Die Registrierung für ein Team (ab 5 bis 8 Personen) wird individuell berechnet (abhängig von der Anzahl der Teilnehmer).

Anmeldungen per Email unter

Unser Team "Woerthersee-Swim" steht bereits in den Startlöchern. Dieses werden wir bald vorstellen und wir würden uns freuen, wenn wir dabei auch schon weitere Teams bekannt geben könnten!

Ganz unter dem Motto:
Woerthersee-Swim - 2021 - „No Limit“!

Für den "Team Cup" - Woerthersee Swim" 2021 gelten folgende Regeln:

1. Das Team kann aus mindestens vier bis maximal zehn Personen bestehen.

2. Die Punktzahl jeder Distanz (17 km Mythos, 17 km Stafette, 10 km FINA-Regel, 9 km Classic, 3 km Challenge und 3 km Stafette) lautet wie folgt:
1. Platz: 6 Punkte
2. Platz: 5 Punkte
3. Platz: 4 Punkte
4. Platz: 3 Punkte
5. Platz: 2 Punkte

Für jeden anderen Teilnehmer am Team Cup: 1 Punkt
Die Punkte pro Strecke werden lediglich an den Besten des Teams vergeben. Alle anderen bekommen nur Punkte für die Teilnahme.

3. Schwierigkeitsgrade:
03 km Challenge: Faktor 1,0
09 km Classic: Faktor 1,5
10 km FINA-Regel: Faktor 2,0
17 km Mythos: 2,5