Gäste beim Wörthersee Swim

Guests at Wörthersee Swim


Guest 2021 – Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas, 38, is an ultra marathon swimmer who holds the current world record for the longest uninterrupted swim (without support, without a wetsuit) in currently neutral conditions. This record-breaking swim was 104.6 miles over 67 hours and was completed in Lake Champlain, USA in August 2017. Shortly after completing this swim, Sarah was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She was just 35 years old.

Our guest 2021 will be Sarah Thomas – more information here: Sarah Thomas


Guest 2020 – André Wiersig

Our guest 2020 will be André Wiersig – more information here: andre-wiersig.com

Guest 2019 – Hector Ramirez Ballesteros

World record 14 k Butterfly / Strait of Gibraltar

More infos here: Hector Ramirez

Guest 2018 – Martin Strel

Martin Strel, the “Human Fish” and “Big River Man”, world record holder and Guinness record holder, has swum the following rivers:

  • Danube
  • Mississippi River
  • Rio Paraná
  • Jangtse
  • Amazonas (5268km)

More infos here: Martin Strel