Gäste beim Wörthersee Swim

Guests at Wörthersee Swim

André Wiersig

Guest 2020 – André Wiersig

Our guest 2020 will be André Wiersig – more information here: andre-wiersig.com

Guest 2019 – Hector Ramirez Ballesteros

World record 14 k Butterfly / Strait of Gibraltar

More infos here: Hector Ramirez

Guest 2018 – Martin Strel

Martin Strel, the “Human Fish” and “Big River Man”, world record holder and Guinness record holder, has swum the following rivers:

  • Danube
  • Mississippi River
  • Rio Paraná
  • Jangtse
  • Amazonas (5268km)

More infos here: Martin Strel